Making Fake Body Parts

How to Make a Realistic Horro Skull Prop

A tutorial on how to transform a cheap plastic skull into a gory horror prop using simple materials.

How to Life Cast (Make a Mold of Your Head)

Tutorial on how to make a mold out of your head.

How to Life Cast Part 2

Here we see the end result of the created mold and learn how to convert it to an actual casted prop.

DIY Fake Hands - Erik Builds the Movies #7

Guide to making a fake prop of hands and limbs.

Source: Indy Mogul

Prop Eyes - Creating Realistic Eyeballs

A How-To video on creating realistic eyeballs.

Source: S.K. Austin

Creating a fake tongue

An oldie, but a goodie, the fake tongue from Erik Beck’s earlier days on YouTube…

Source: Indy Mogul

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