Five Brilliant Camera Movements in Cinema History


Cinefix walks us through five moments in movies in which the camera’s movement brings increased meaning and significance to the subjects in the frame.

In the opening shot of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, the camera subtly pushes inward on Ford’s (Casey Affleck) longing expression before doing the same on a shot of Jesse James (Brad Pitt) sitting between two men. This slight inward push of the camera focuses the attention on Ford’s expression, as well as on James the man, to emphasize Ford’s obsessive interest in James. You immediately get a sense that Ford is a fan-boy and focused on Jesse James. This intentional camera movement is just one of CineFixe’s examples in this great educational video.

The others include:

  •  20th Century Women
  • Marnie
  • The Passenger
  • The Candidate

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