From Idea to Animation: Preproduction for Motion Design

Create Mood Boards for Motion Design

So you have an idea for an animation and want to bring it to life as soon as you can. Sure you can throw caution to the wind and start immediately, but consider taking a beat and planning out your video. You’ll have a much better, well thought out and cohesive product by the end.

ECAbrams is one of the premiere Motion Graphics Artists on the web. Follow him here as he takes you through the preproduction process. First: Mood Boards.

Source: ECAbrams

Style Frames for Motion Design

With your inspiration laid out in front of you, now you can start to flesh out your specific ideas for your project. Refine the look you’re going for with style frames.

Source: ECAbrams

Storyboards for Motion Design

Storyboards lay out, in as much detail as needed, each beat of the final video. Find out what you’ll need to consider here.

Source: ECAbrams

From Storyboard to Motion

Now we have everything in place to start animating. Let’s see how to interpret the storyboard into a full-fledged animation.

Source: ECAbrams

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