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DaVinci Resolve 12 Online Class Part 2

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Tune in for Part 2 of our guide to DaVinci Resolve 12! Click here to get Dion's comprehensive guide to DaVinci Resolve 12 !
  • Day 1 - Importing Projects, Advanced Editing Techniques and Transitions
  • Day 2 - Color Correction using Color Charts, Groups, and Nodes
  • Day 3 - Color Grading using Qualifiers and Creating Looks
Section 1: Advanced Editing and Transitions This video gives you the tools not only to edit efficiently inside Resolve 12, but to import entirely edited projects from other editing software as well. It Includes:
  • Importing Projects from Other Software
  • Advanced Clip Editing
  • Advanced Transition Effects
  • Audio Syncing
  • Importing Titles with Alpha Channels
  • Still Images and Animation
Section 2: Color Correction with Groups This video shows you how to use the various tools inside Resolve 12 to make color correcting as smooth as possible. It includes:
  • Referencing Waveform and Vectorscope Windows
  • Using Color Reference Cards to Color Match
  • Creating Groups
  • Isolating Areas with Power Windows
  • Adding Preset Looks to Groups
Section 3: Color Grading using Qualifiers This video covers creating different looks for shots to add on top of the color correction. It includes:
  • Creating Versions
  • Isolating Skin Tones
  • Tracking with the Power Window
  • Creating Masks with Qualifiers
  • Creating a Bleach Bypass Look
  • Comparing Different Versions
  • Advanced Editing and Transitions
  • Color Correction with Groups
  • Color Grading using Qualifiers
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