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Tune in for our comprehensive guide to DaVinci Resolve 12! Click here for Part 2 in our DaVinci Resolve 12 Online Class!
    • Day 1 - Setting Up Projects, Working in Bins, and Marking and Assembling Clips
    • Day 2 - Working in the Timeline and Mastering Trimming Options
    • Day 3 - Mixing Audio and Applying Transitions
    • Day 4 - Designing Titles and Changing the Speed of Clips
    • Day 5 - Color Grading, Multicam Editing, and Using the Deliver Page
Section 1: Setting Up Projects This video gets you started by setting up a project; exploring the basic layout of the Resolve windows, buttons, and menus; and finally importing clips. It Includes:
  • Creating a Profile
  • Starting a New Project
  • Importing Clips
  • Reviewing and Scrubbing Clips
  • Color Managing a Project
  • Viewing Clip Metadata
  • Adding Custom Metadata
Section 2: Working in Bins This video shows you how to create new bins and sort clips and also how to display the attributes of clips and use those attributes to locate the clips you want. It includes:
  • Exploring the Edit Page
  • Making New Bins
  • Creating a Smart Bin
  • Renaming Bins
  • Changing Bin Views
  • Changing Clip Names
Section 3: Marking and Assembling Clips This video covers editing fundamentals that you’ll use every day when working in Resolve. It includes:
  • Marking Clips
  • Creating a Timeline
  • Making the First Edits
  • Dragging Clips to the Timeline
  • Using the Edit Overlay
  • Cutting Video Only
  • Performing a Split Edit
  • Backtiming a Three-Point Edit
Section 4: Working in the Timeline This video looks at some of the Timeline tools and techniques that you can use in Resolve 12. It includes:
  • Moving Clips in the Timeline
  • Deleting Clips from the Timeline
  • Splitting Clips
Section 5: Mastering Trimming Options Resolve includes precision trimming tools that allow you to try out multiple edit choices and review them quickly to answer these creative questions. This video examines cut points in a timeline to show you the various methods of trimming It includes:
  • Importing Projects and Relinking Media
  • Roll Trimming Using the JKL Keys
  • Selecting Tracks to Trim
  • Slipping a Clip to Change Content
  • Sliding a Clip to Change Position
  • Using Match Frame
  • Trimming Using the Selection Tool
Section 6: Mixing Audio This video explores how to create a balanced soundtrack by cutting in music and sound effects and setting the audio levels for a perfect mix. It includes:
  • Customizing the Interface for Audio
  • Patching Tracks
  • Monitoring, Soloing, and Muting Audio
  • Working with Markers
  • Using the Audio Mixer
Section 7: Applying Transitions This video shows you how to create dissolves and other visual transitions in Resolve, and the different ways to apply and modify them to make them best enhance your visual style. It includes:
  • Adding Cross Dissolves
  • Accessing the Effects Library
  • Customizing Transitions
  • Replacing Transitions
  • Fading Video In and Out
  • Rendering Effects
Section 8: Designing Titles This video shows you how to design a lower third title using Resolve title templates, and then then how to animate a title on and off the screen. It includes:
  • Choosing a Title Generator
  • Modifying Text Parameters
  • Animating Titles
  • Trimming Titles with an Extend Edit
Section 9: Changing the Speed of Clips Resolve includes ways to speed up clips, slow them down, play them in reverse, change speed over time, and freeze the action completely. This video explores some speed change options and the ways Resolve can process clips to get the best results. It includes:
  • Creating a Constant Speed Change
  • Edit with Fit to Fill
  • Animating Speed Values
  • Freezing a Frame
Section 10: Color Grading Resolve’s deep color grading toolset is seamlessly combined with the editing tools. In one video, you’ll get only an introduction to the vast topic of color grading in Resolve, but what you will learn will make you feel comfortable exploring these tools in greater depth on your own Includes:
  • Understanding the Color Page
  • Removing a Color Cast
  • Making Shared Adjustments
  • Modifying Lift, Gamma, and Gain
  • Using Shot Match
  • Working with Curves
  • Saving and Applying Grades
Section 11: Multicam Editing In this Multicam editing video, you will lean how to group and synchronize two or more source clips showing different angles on the same performance. You can then display them simultaneously in the Viewer and cut your Timeline in real time. Includes:
  • Relinking Clips
  • Syncing Clips
  • Viewing Multiple Angles
  • Editing in Multicam Mode
Section 12: Using the Deliver Page In this video, you’ll learn how to use the Deliver page to create three separate files: one for the web, one for further audio mixing in Pro Tools, and one as a master HD file. it includes:
  • Creating a Web Streaming File
  • Sending a File to Pro Tools
  • Exporting a Master File
  • Setting Up Projects
  • Working in Bins
  • Marking and Assembling Clips
  • Working in the Timeline
  • Mastering Trimming Options
  • Mixing Audio
  • Applying Transitions
  • Designing Titles
  • Changing the Speed of Clips
  • Color Grading
  • Multicam Editing
  • Using the Deliver Page
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