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Maxine Gervais

About Me

Maxine is originally from Quebec. With a passion for sculpture and photography, she received a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Laval University. She also received a Post Graduate Certificate in Computer Technologies for Movies and Television. Her strength was in 3D modeling, lighting and texturing using Photoshop and 3Dsmax and combustion. She was hired by Discreet/Autodesk as a technical support specialist for a variety of post production software. She then focused on “SACC” (later to become Luster/Discreet) with its creators, the Jaszberenyi brothers. Through her work there, she traveled the world to places like India and attended various trade shows such as NAB and GDC in Amsterdam. Her background in traditional and digital arts, combined with her technical formation at Discreet, got Maxine her first DI job on the film HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE. Maxine joined MPI in 2009 shortly after the closure of Pacific Titles and Art Studio where she had worked for three years. As a member of the MPI team, she has continued to add to her impressive list of credits. Maxine says “I love what I do. I’m always looking forward to new creative and technical challenges. My passion is achieving in color and shape what is expressed in words and whisper.”
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