5 Things: Demystifying HDR


HDR is easily the hottest topic in the world of filmmaking today, but with great tech responsibility comes the need for great tech information. In the premiere episode of Season 2 of 5 THINGS, Michael Kammes tackles what YOU need to know to get started working with HDR.

The introduction of 4K was met with lackluster enthusiasm by the general public, who in many cases perceive HD as “good enough.” But HDR represents a shift in viewing experience as significant as the original shift away from standard definition. Is this really another technological revolution, or merely another momentary buzzword?

In this episode, Michael Kammes will clue you in to:

  • What is HDR?
  • How do I shoot HDR?
  • How do I edit HDR?
  • How do I view HDR?
  • What’s the future of HDR?
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