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5 Things: On Building A Roku Channel

In today’s mass media realm, there is competition for your attention. Getting your content out to as many viewers as…

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5 Things: Post Myths Vol. 2

Due to the success of the first “Post Myths” episode, Michael is back with special co-host Vince Rocca for “Post…

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5 Things: On A Webseries Workflow

What does it take to do create an independent web series? From creation to distribution, there is a ton that…

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5 Things: The Truth About Video Editing Software in Hollywood

“Which video editing software should I learn?” is a common question for those who want to get into “the industry”. …

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5 Things: Prepping for Post Audio

In this episode of 5 THINGS, Michael covers the essentials for ensuring a smooth handoff from creative editorial to post…

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5 Things: Transcoding in Post

Transcoding is a necessity in todays moderns tapeless workflow. But what formats do you need to transcode to, and what…

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5 Things: Post Myths

In the first episode of 2017, Michael debunks some popular post production myths and misconceptions. We’ll look at common color,…

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5 Things: Offline/Online Workflows

What’s old is new again: Offline / online workflows. Michael explores what they are and how to choose which one…

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5 Things: Choosing The Right Editing System

Your editing system is the central part of any post production you’re going to jump into. What makes makes up…

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5 Things: Audio Cleanup for Video Editors

Runnin’ and gunnin’, camera mics, and odd shooting locations can yield a multitude of audio problems. In this episode of…

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5 Things: Archiving

Archive – the final resting place of your media. It’s gotta be secure, and it’s gotta be reliable. Have you…

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5 Things: Asset Management Articulated

Asset Management is vague and boring. But it enables you and your team to spend less time searching, retrieving and…

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5 Things: A VR Primer

Virtual reality technology has finally reached a level of consumer affordability and quality. The gaming industry is pressing heavily into…

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5 Things: LTO: The New Hero of Post

LTO has made its way from the data center to your media center. New storage means new tech and new…

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5 Things: Demystifying HDR

HDR is easily the hottest topic in the world of filmmaking today, but with great tech responsibility comes the need…

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Choosing the Right Shared Storage

Collaborative workgroups rely on shared storage to more efficiently work on large projects. Selecting the proper shared storage solution can…

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Everything You Need to Know about Adobe Anywhere

Michael takes you on an in depth tour of Adobe Anywhere, including user experience and functionality, administrator options, system design…

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Avid Media Composer 6 Hands On Tour

In this webinar we’ll dive in to the new Avid Media Composer 6 NLE.  We’ll cover changes to it’s architecture, including…

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Stereo 3D Editing With Avid Media Composer

In this webinar we’ll explore the various ways of creating and editing stereoscopic material for both film and video using…

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Stereo 3D Conversion with Nuke

The explosion in stereo 3D movies with blockbusters like “Avatar” and “Clash of the Titans” has established this new format…

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Michael Kammes


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Michael Kammes is the Director of Technology and Marketing for Key Code Media. He consults on and demonstrates digital filmmaking workflows benefiting the post industry. These include workflows about stereoscopy, acquisition, storage, editorial, audio, finishing, and encoding. His post audio experience encompasses serving as a Dialogue Editor, SFX Editor, ADR Recordist and Editor, Re-Recording Mixer and Supervising Sound Editor on many film, television and internet based projects. He is currently a member of the MPSE (Motion Picture Sound Editors), an FCP Apple Certified Trainer, an Avid Certified Support Representative (ACSR). You can catch him as a presenter at colleges, conventions, technology retreats and symposiums.
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