Audio Post Workflows For Video Editors: Bonus Video


The audio turnover process for video editors can sometimes be very complex. We will explore the various aspects involved in the audio post process such as how NLE’s like Avid and Final Cut Pro create OMF files and how audio files must be arranged and edited for final output.

We will go in-depth about preparing dialog, sound effects and music split tracks, proper file and project management and best practices for the turnover of projects to audio editors and mixers.

Additionally we will discuss considerations regarding the final playback destination, i.e. theatrical film mix versus an Internet web sound mix versus a broadcast television program sound mix.

  • What is audio post, why do I need it, can I get away without it?
  • What are the elements of audio post, how is it organized, how do I do it?
  • What is an OMF, what are the various audio formats, what are split tracks or stems?
  • What are typical audio deliverables, what are best practices for soundtrack delivery?
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