Mixing Your Final Cut Pro Projects Inside Soundtrack Pro


In this webinar, Final Cut Pro guru Larry Jordan walks you through the process of improving the quality of your audio mixes in your video project. You’ll learn specific workflows and techniques using Soundtrack Pro from the Final Cut Pro editor’s perspective.

You’ll also learn how to edit and adjust your clips, apply the correct filters and discover the best settings inside SoundTrack Pro and Final Cut Pro to make your videos sound like a Hollywood production.

Larry will also cover the complete Final Cut Studio project workflow, starting with Final Cut Pro, migrating to Sound Track Pro and coming back into Final Cut Pro.

  • Organize your audio tracks in FCP using Checkerboarding
  • Assigning audio to the right tracks to avoid export problems.
  • Sending your project to Soundtrack Pro
  • What transfers and what doesn’t
  • Rearranging clips in STP to simplify your mix
  • Editing and trimming audio clips
  • Adding fades
  • How and why to control the fade shape
  • Spotting sound effects
  • Adding music
  • Adding filters to improve dialog clarity
  • Adjusting audio levels
  • The FCP to STP to FCP workflow
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