Building The Edit Room: Mac Edition


Which Mac should I buy? How much RAM do I need? What about storage? Displays? Add ons? These and related questions arise every day on the on-line forums as well as from a long line of advice seekers.

The answer, of course, is it depends. It depends upon the material you intend to edit, the format of your deliverables, and your price/performance expectations. It depends upon your choice of NLE, on whether your expectations are to build a system for editing, vfx, compositing, color correction, audio mixing, file compression or a combination of these.

In this webinar we will discuss specific hardware and to some degree software options to build a system for Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer and Adobe CS5. While storage options are common to all three platforms, we will be “building” a system specific to the unique demands and feature sets of each.

It will be a no-holds-barred assessment of capture cards, monitors, storage systems and recommended software/hardware add-ons based upon personal review and experience as well as the “talk on the street” from knowledgeable and respected users. You’ll learn the good, the bad and the ugly of building your perfect edit room.

  • MacBook Pro, iMac or MacPro?
  • Demystifying storage options.
  • Getting a clear picture, with reference monitors, displays and video careds.
  • CYA: Backup and archiving solutions.
  • Building the Avid Media Composer system.
  • Building the Final Cut Pro system.
  • Building the Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 system.
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