Choosing Between Hard and Diffused Light


Lighting will always be important in creating high quality video. As the use of LEDs increase and lights in general become smaller, more videographers question when to use a hard light vs. a diffused light in their lighting package.

This webinar will show you general uses for both hard and pre-diffused lights and the pros and cons of both. The goal is to increase your lighting technique by understanding a variety of ways you can manipulate your lighting or create the lighting you want regardless of the lights you have available.   Additionally, this will give you practical tips that you can use to improve, change or experiment with on your next shoot.


  • When you need hard lights vs. diffused light.
  • How best to diffuse hard light.
  • Why (and when) to use diffused light vs. hard light.
  • How to turn hard light into diffused light.
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