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How to Shoot a Spec Video for New Work

People always ask if they should work for free or if they should bother to shoot a spec piece to…

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One Man Band Audio Kit Essentials

If you are like many videographers you are now more often than not expected to capture audio. In this webinar…

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How to Upsell Services to your Clients

Sales?!  As creatives that is often a four letter word.  Creatives are not known for being the best at sales…

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What to Do When Gigs Go Wrong

Have you ever been working on a gig that seemed good when you signed on but right before or during…

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Where to Find New Work (in Unexpected Places)

We all could use a little more work or some new clients doing more creative work, right?  In this webinar Barry…

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Prepping a Scene for Actors

There are many ways to work with actors, but one of the best ways is for the director to prep…

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On-Set Communication Tips for Directors

Directing is mostly about communication, and the most important line of communication is with your actors. Barry will go through…

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Creating A Scene from the Edit Room Floor

What happens if you decide you need a scene or transition you didn’t realize you needed? Sometimes combing through all…

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5 Things You’ll Wish You Got from Actors on Set

In the edit suite you usually find yourself wishing you had “more from your actors.” During this webinar Barry will…

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The Power of Transitions

In a perfect world, you spend time planning your transitions and how to get from one scene to another. In…

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Cutting Good Trailers

We will look at the trailers for my recent films and detail the why and how of putting them together.…

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Making a Scene “Good Enough”

Actors’ performances, lack of time or issues on set; there is a good chance certain scenes you shoot just aren’t…

Techniques 13
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“Finding a Scene” in Post

Whether you were strapped for time, had to lose an actor early, had weather-related issues or something else prevented you…

Techniques 14
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Real-World Fixes in Post

Having just wrapped the edit on his most recent feature film, Barry will walk you through the top “fixes” in…

Techniques 15
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Scoring a Film Scene

Here is a chance to watch a scene from a feature film that starts with a temp score through several…

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Tweak Your Lighting to Maximize Results

In this webinar we will walk through some tweaks you can make with your lighting to improve the frame before…

Techniques 17
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Creative Edit of a Film Scene

All too often we look at the nuts and bolts of how to use NLEs. In this webinar Barry will…

Techniques 18
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Top Tips for Placing Talent

When setting up a scene or interview, where and how you place your talent makes all the difference in the…

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Lighting in 15 Minutes or Less

We all wish we had more time and tools to light our scene or setup. And we can all relate…

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Shooting with Battery Powered Lights

As productions move to smaller crews, no tech scouts, real world locations and with the speed we need to shoot…

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Directing a Real World Scene

Barry will be in the middle of shooting a 1910 period feature film and we will be joining him on…

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Shooting Stock Video for Profit

Everyone would love to get paid for their work after they have shot video.  However, unless you are working on…

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Shooting Exteriors Without Lights

There are a lot of resources for how to light using lights but what happens if you are shooting outside-…

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Gear You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

We all love our cameras, lenses and big ticket items. But what about those miscellaneous things in your kit that…

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How to Make Money Shooting Video

We all love being creative, acquiring new gear and when the phone rings with a paying client. The question is…

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How to Record Good Audio Quickly and Easily

As there are more and more one-man band jobs being able to capture and record audio quick and easy is…

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Shooting in Extreme Locations

Barry has traveled the world and has had to shoot in extreme locations ranging from Chernobyl, to windy Iceland, in…

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Matching Footage from Multiple Cameras

Most productions now use at least two different cameras and sometimes many more. One of the biggest challenges is finding…

Techniques 29
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Essential Gear Guide for Traveling

Some jobs require air travel to get the shot. In this webinar, we will address how to pack for air…

Techniques 30
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Essential Tools for Lighting

Everyone knows that lighting is critical to creating great-looking video. What you may not know is some of the essential…

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Choosing Between Hard and Diffused Light

Lighting will always be important in creating high quality video. As the use of LEDs increase and lights in general…

Techniques 32
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How to Set Up Your Monitors

Calibrating a monitor’s display is hard enough but trying to match multiple monitor displays is even worse. To make matters…

Techniques 33
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Getting Cinematic Images in Imperfect Locations

If you have access to a stunning location, then it’s easy to create a cinematic shot. However, most of the…

Techniques 34
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Cinematic Lighting Using Only One Light

Lighting is a major factor in creating compelling and professional video content. There are many lighting techniques and schools of…

Techniques 35
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Most Frequently Used Filters

Videographers focus a lot on lighting, sound, composition and other more “noticeable” ways of making videos stand out. This course…

Techniques 36
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Essential Gear for Interview Shooting

Many of us who produce video content are required to shoot a lot of interviews. This essential gear guide will…

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The Camera’s Eye: A Guide to the Perfect Lens

Lenses are just as critical, if not more so, than your camera. Just like your camera, you will use your…

Techniques 38
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Shedding Some Light on LED Lighting

This webinar will give you everything you need to know about working with LED lights- what are the known issues,…

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How to Light an Interview Part II

This is a followup course to expand upon the first How to Light an Interview Webinar. Go in depth on…

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How to Light an Interview

Almost everyone has to light interview setups for their jobs. Filmmakers lighting actors for scenes, interviews for news stations, testimonials…

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How to Capture Good Audio in the Field

For a lot of video professionals (or photographers moving to video) audio is the most confusing and scary part of…

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Directing Actors For Indie Filmmakers

Independent filmmakers are more than just directors. They play a major role in just about every job category on the…

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Barry Andersson


About Me

Barry Andersson is an award-winning director and cinematographer. His career started with live television video production and now includes many acclaimed short films, several television pilots, numerous commercials, and a pair of feature films. Mr Andersson takes his real world experiences and shares those images and lessons with everyone from the US Marine Corp combat camera teams, many of the leading teams of the four major sports leagues, leading universities around the US as well as leading productions looking to take advantage of the latest technology. Mr Andersson is also the author of the DSLR Filmmakers Handbook.
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