Cinematic Lighting Using Only One Light


Lighting is a major factor in creating compelling and professional video content. There are many lighting techniques and schools of thought out there, but you can simplify how you think about lighting. Learn when you can get away with using less light to create stunning video content. This course will demonstrate how to use only one light to create the final image. We will walk through how to approach your location, place your single light source and shape the rest of the scene. Once we’ve reviewed how to light different locations with the single light source, you will have new tips you can employ for your next shoot.

The goal of this webinar is to ensure that you understand that sometimes simplicity and creativity can expand your lighting abilities. At the end of the webinar, Barry will recommend a few different lights you should own or rent for your next production if you want to use a single light source.

  • Corporate Video Productions
  • TV/FIlm Productions
  • Web Series
  • Docu-style Productions
  • and more!
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