Cinematic Ways: Easy Rig & Dana Dolly


Learn more cinematic ways to move your camera with tools like the versatile Easy Rig and the affordable Dana Dolly! Get a look at one of the most underrated and versatile production tools utilized by professional DPs on independent and studio sets alike: the Easy Rig. The Dana Dolly is one of the most robust and affordable alternatives to a traditional doorway dolly, while offering far more flexibility than a slider.

  • What is an Easy Rig
  • Set up
  • Configuration
  • Accessories
  • Using the Easy Rig with a gimbal
  • Achieving a stronger handheld look
  • Creative techniques
  • Dana Dolly vs. Doorway Dolly
  • Components & track system
  • Panning & tilting
  • Advantages over sliders
  • Creative implications
  • Increasing production value
  • Buying vs. renting
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