Cinematic Ways: Shoulder Rig & Tripod


Get help on building the right shoulder rig, along with several ways that a Tripod can benefit your production in this Cinematic Ways installment.Building the right shoulder rig and using it efficiently is key to achieving the strongest possible handheld look. This video explores best practices for shooting with a custom rig. While more advanced stabilization devices may add production value to your shoot, a strong tripod will always be the backbone of your production. Here are several ways a Tripod can benefit your production.

  • When rigs are essential
  • Components of a shoulder rig
  • Reducing micro-jitter
  • Mattebox usages
  • Picking the right handles
  • Shoulder pads & balancing
  • Understanding the modular system
  • Standard components
  • Video vs. photo tripods
  • Fluid heads
  • Weight restrictions
  • Levelling the tripod
  • Using a tripod for creative effect
  • Image composition
  • Use as a stabilizer
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