Controlling 3D Environments with Lights & Cameras Inside After Effects CS5.5


The 3D environment in After Effects is often dismissed as “postcards in space” but there’s a lot you can create in this 2.5D world.

This webinar will demonstrate some advanced techniques to create a 3D scenes wholly within After Effects. We will explore how to shape the scene using the new, more realistic, lighting behavior in After Effects CS 5.5. We will also use the new camera controls and lens blur to give the scene punch and polish.

This webinar is designed to push your capabilities to the next level. We’ll work with After Effects’ expressions to create 3D objects and follow lights. You will also learn some great techniques to manage a high number of layers, to keep your project manageable, fast and make updates easily without having to unpick the entire project.

  • Setting up your 3D scene.
  • Making a 3D object directly within After Effects.
  • Creating an easily updateable project.
  • Exploring the light types.
  • Creating realistic light falloff and shadows.
  • Adding cameras and animation.
  • Two-click follow spots.
  • Creating a great lens blur effects with rack focus.
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