Covering Corporate Events ENG Style


This webinar will cover the most common aspects of creating on-site video segments for corporate events and awards shows. We’ll delve into the ins and outs of preproduction including shooting video interviews and testimonial segments for use in the show to on-site camera styles and techniques and finally what’s required in delivering the footage to the video staff for playback during the show.

Some of the in-depth topics we’ll cover include the creation of a tight camera package, setting up green screens, capturing good sound, lighting with few or no lights and still making it look good and fast shooting techniques to speed the editing along to final delivery.

  • Pre-production including meeting with the client, having a plan, talking to the staging company, scheduling and determining your needs.
  • Production including gear to bring, light setup, shoot for the edit, grouping shots, prepping the editor.
  • Post production including editing, music, titles and graphics
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