DCP 101: Explaining and Creating Digital Cinema Packages


Brian Quandt, a leading industry expert in the area of compression, delivery formats, as well as contemporary cloud based post-productions workflows, in concert with Jeanette DePatie an accomplished speaker, Producers Guild National Board member, and professional tech-splainer join forces in order to help us all understand the highly successful film delivery format known as a Digital Cinema Package (DCP). The format of the discussion is light and entertaining but with a goal to provide enough technical background to allow you to continue your learning with a good level of confidence. A future discussion will focus on the how IMF’s (the new TV delivery format) shares much in common with DCP’s, which is no coincidence.

  • About AutoDCP, a cloud software-as-a-service which creates DCPs.
  • What a Digital Cinema Package is and how it works?
  • What the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) is and why you should care.
  • How to not screw up your DCP, including naming, sizing requirements, video formats, and SMPTE vs. Interop.
  • Whatu2019s next and where to learn more.
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