Demystifying Color Grading


Have you ever been intimidated or confused by color correction? Would you like to know what makes it so hard and how professional colorists accomplish their jobs? This webinar will demonstrate how we don’t ‘see’ the way we think we do—and why the way we do ‘see’ makes the craft of color correction particularly difficult.

Once we understand the biological quirks that stymie us, the webinar moves on to explain the single most powerful tool in a colorist’s arsenal – which exists in almost every Non-Linear Editing, Motion Graphics and (of course) Color Grading app in the market.

Within 60 minutes you’ll learn how to use this tool to help you ‘see’ an image and make critical initial color correction choices that lay the foundation for the more creative aspects of the craft.

  • Understand the three main components of the craft of color grading.
  • Understand the goals and weakness of the colorist.
  • Learn how to overcome those weakness to accomplish the goals of color correction.
  • Learn how you can use the tools of the colorist to improve your color grading skills.
  • Be able to put those tools into immediate use on real-world jobs and use them effectively.
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