DSLR Filmmaking Production Reality Check


Who knew that major feature films and television shows would eventually start shooting with cameras that are primarily marketed for consumers and prosumers? Popular shows like House, 24, and CSI Miami are starting to shoot with the same DSLRs that you can pick up at your local photography store. It’s exciting to know that independent filmmakers now have access to the same equipment at reasonable prices as the shows and cinematographers they admire and look up to.

However, as with every new technological advancement in the film industry, along with ground breaking features and capabilities come limitations. That’s what this webinar is all about.

In this webinar, along with showing you the good stuff of DSLRs, Peter Cote, host of “The DSLR Show”, will identify the limitations of DSLRs as a filmmaking tool and how to work around them to make your project look and feel like it was produced by Hollywood. You’ll learn about rolling shutter, shooting length limits, getting the best sound on set, lighting challenges, best lenses and accessories to use, plus much more.

Before filming your next production with a DSLR, make sure you know and understand what you are getting into!

  • Understanding the strengths and limitations of DSLRs as a filmmaking tool.
  • Production challenges and how to get around them
  • Technological limitations and workarounds
  • Recommended lenses and accessories for best results
  • Shooting for a successful post-production experience
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