Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 Updates


Apple recently updated Final Cut Pro X to version 10.0.3. Join Larry Jordan as he walks you through the new features; including the ones that didn’t make Apple’s press release.

In this session, Larry will show you the new professional features in FCP X 10.0.3, where they are located, how they work, and how they can make your life easier. Along the way, he’ll also show you how to convert your Final Cut Pro 7 projects to Final Cut Pro X.

  • Overview of Key New Features.
  • Multicam for beginners.
  • Relinking Clips.
  • Importing Layered Photoshop files.
  • Color Board Improvements.
  • Advanced chroma-keying.
  • External video monitoring with AV Connect.
  • Transfering your FCP 7 projects to FCP X.
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