Lighting & Shooting Green Screens


We all have to shoot green screen footage at least once in our career. Though many people think setting up a green screen is very easy, setting it up correctly for a successful post production is something that needs to be planned ahead of the shoot.

In this webinar, award winning cinematographer Marty Mullin, will show you how to best set up your green screen, how to light it properly (and what lights to use), what lenses you should use for best results plus many more “insider” tips and tricks so that your post production keying and compositing session does not turn into a nightmare.

  • Picking the right color (green, blue, red or black).
  • Do only the lighting you need and do it fast.
  • Lighting for the talking head.
  • Lighting for the big shot and the action shot.
  • Silhouettes and high ratio lighting.
  • Make focus work for you.
  • How lenses affect the green screen shot.
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