VFX Techniques With Mocha Pro


You have the perfect shot for your story but you noticed that annoying lens flare right in the middle of the shot! If you’ve ever had to remove lens flare or a spot on the lens across a moving shot, you know that it’s never as straightforward as you think it will be. The same goes for the shot where the camera operator wasn’t quite as steady as you would have liked. These shots can be “saved” in post but they require the right tools and a lot of work!

In this webinar we will look at how you can minimize this tedious (but very important) work using mocha Pro to do the heavy lifting. We will learn about the planar tracker and how it can be used for intricate tracks. We will show you real world projects from start to finish and how to use some of the great tools built into Mocha Pro in context of those projects.

  • How is planar tracker different from other types of tracking?
  • Identifying the best planes to track – even when they are not directly linked to our target.
  • When to split tracking data from the shapes you want to work on.
  • The principle behind removing elements from a shot.
  • Removing a lens flare from footage shot with a moving camera.
  • Stabilizing shots with the Stabilize module.
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