Maximizing your Workflow with DaVinci Resolve 11


DaVinci Resolve 11 ushered in more than 100 new features for editing, effects and color grading. In this webinar, we’ll focus on how to use the most important of those new features that will save you time, increase the flexibility of the types of effects you can achieve, and how the new color features can increase your efficiency and creative intent. Instead of focusing on a quick demo of all the new features, this webinar will focus on how to specifically use a select few of the new features and real world scenarios for where to use them.

  • Editing features for the online or offline editor
  • Creating animated effects.
  • The Group Grading Feature.
  • Using the new render cache features.
  • Cloning and auto-tracking.
  • Using the new Color Chart Auto Balancing feature.
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