Motion Templates Inside Final Cut Pro 7


Whether you are a Final Cut Pro Editor who wants to move beyond the templates provided within Final Cut Pro or a Motion Graphic Designer who wants to work more effectively with Final Cut Pro users, the Motion to Final Cut Pro template pipeline offers a great option to improve your workflows.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to create useful customizable templates in Motion so that they can be used inside of Final Cut Pro to enhance and scale your projects. We’ll walk you through the creation of lower 3rd templates and transition templates to help you speed up your editing.

  • When should you template?
  • What makes a template?
  • Static and Dynamic Elements
  • Dissecting an Existing Template
  • Templates and resolution
  • Mixed Input
  • Fixed Output
  • Design Exercises
  • Templates from non motion sources: Why and How?
  • Let’s make a template: The Lower 3rd
  • Let’s make a template: The Transition
  • Organization
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