Nuke for After Effects Users


In this webinar you’ll learn all about Nuke including the differences between Nuke’s node-based compositing and After Effects’ timeline compositing, how to create complex visual effects and experiment with the many special features designed for blending CGI with live action.

The webinar is presented by Steve Wright, a top notch Nuke artist and trainer, who will not only introduce you to the many features of Nuke, but will also point out the differences in compositing in Nuke versus After Effects so that you have a complete understanding of the application, when to use it and what projects it is best suited for.

  • What is node based compositing and how to use it.
  • 32 bit color space overview.
  • Color correcting tools that make the shot.
  • 3D compositing overview.
  • Working with multichannel EXR images.
  • Working with High Dynamic Range images.
  • Stereo workflow in Nuke.
  • Differences between Nuke and NukeX.
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