Cinematic Documentary Storytelling


Cinematic Storytelling is part of our DNA and understanding how to unlock its secrets is key to transforming an idea into a great piece of non-fiction drama. Whether you’re a veteran documentary filmmaker or just getting started, the most important muscle you’ll continue to develop throughout your career are your Storytelling skills.

In this webinar you’ll learn fast and efficient tools that will improve your skills and elevate the quality of your films both editorially and visually. We’ll provide you with critical tips and techniques for making good Stories great while improving your skills and helping your career thrive.

Emmy award winning filmmaker Michael Jorgensen will take you step-by-step through a practical process from how to identify and focus your film to deciding where to put the camera.

  • What is Cinematic Storytelling?
  • What is a story?
  • Making the audience care.
  • Who is the storyteller in your documentary?
  • Focus and structure.
  • Choosing a visual tone.
  • Where to put the camera.
  • Entertainment is not a dirty word.
  • David Lean’s lovechild
  • Tequila shooters with Chaplin & Ed Morrow
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