Pro Audio Features for Editors in DaVinci Resolve 14


How much time do editors spend working on the dialogue and soundtrack? Anyone who has ever screened a “rough cut” knows the importance of good sounding audio for first impressions and moving a project forward. With the addition of Fairlight into DaVinci Resolve 14, editors finally have the power and functionality of a professional digital audio workstation integrated into an equally powerful nonlinear editing system. This webinar navigates you through the uncharted waters of conformless post production to show editors how to utilize the audio tools built right into the Edit page as well as some of the must-know features in the Fairlight page for seamless audio sweetening and control.

  • Clip and track based audio tools in the Edit Page
  • A brief exploration of the Fairlight page and why itu2019s worth the trip
  • Using markers for navigation, communication and spotting sessions
  • Precision audio editing at the subframe and sample level
  • Easy to use EQ, Pan and Dynamics controls on every track u2013 no plugins, patches or additional hardware required
  • Creating quick sub-mixes and output versions of your mix
  • Bonus Feature: Working with layered audio within a track
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