Shooting Flicker-Free Timelapse Footage


Digital Anarchy founder, Jim Tierney will take you from beginning to end of a sunset time lapse shoot, including post production. The focus will be on the sunset but Jim will touch on tips and tricks for other time lapse situations.

You’ll learn how to set the camera up to account for the changing lighting conditions. This mostly involves a checklist of things to make sure you do, although Jim will discuss lenses, sensor dust, and whether you should shoot RAW or JPEG.

If you’re outdoors, the environment you’re in is a big deal. Learn how to prepare for and deal with weather, people, and things that might shake the camera. A shaking camera can be a deal breaker with time lapse. So while it might be great to shoot on a pier, if it’s being pounded by waves or someone is driving a truck on it, you may get some great pictures, but not a great time lapse.

Last, but definitely not least, learn all about post production including: color correction, stabilizing, and flicker removal using Digital Anarchy’s Flicker Free plugin. Stabilizing and flicker are the two banes of anyone shooting time lapse. We’ll discuss these two problems in depth, along with post production techniques to fix other problems and enhance the footage.

By the end you will have all the info you need to shoot amazing time lapse sequences!

  • Setting up a DSLR to shoot time lapse sequences.
  • Tips for dealing with environmental factors when shooting time lapse.
  • Shooting RAW vs. JPEG.
  • Post production workflow for time lapse in After Effects and Final Cut Pro.
  • Including stabilizing and flicker removal.
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