Stereo 3D Filmmaking Bootcamp


Stereographic filmmaking is the newest craze in Hollywood, in spite of the fact that 3D has been around almost as long as conventional cinema. Shooting a 3D film has become much more accessible in these days of digital video, miniature cameras and affordable digital editing systems.

In this webinar, presented by award winning IMAX cinematographer James Neihouse, you will learn the basics of 3D/Stereo cinematography, beginning with the terminology then stepping though the process and methods of shooting in 3D. You will learn about 3D rigs, setting up the cameras, the effects of interaxial distance (the distance between the lenses), convergence of the cameras, screen size, and 3D editing techniques.

  • Physiology of 3D Sight
  • Terms
  • Techniques
  • Capture Hardware
  • Do it yourself 3D rigs
  • Software for 3D
  • Simple Editing with Final Cut Pro
  • Presentation and Viewing Systems
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