Media 100 Editing Workflows


Today an editor is responsible for more then just editing. From cutting footage to creating motion graphics for bumpers to sweetening audio, to creating VFX, an editor needs to understand how all those applications integrate with their NLE.

In this webinar, we are going to have a look at some of the techniques and applications that can be used together with Media 100 to create an efficient post-production workflow. We will focus on the exchange of data between Media 100, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Apple Color.

Though the concentration is on Media 100, many of the ideas and topics can be applied to other NLEs.

  • Collaborating between Media 100 and Final Cut Pro editors.
  • Exchanging projects with Adobe After Effects.
  • An overview about color space issues.
  • Moving your project into and out of Apple Color for color grading.
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