Storyboarding Your Next Video


There are many variables to consider when you are involved in a video production. The best way to know in advance what your outcome will be is to plan for it. Creating a storyboard, a color script followed by a pre-vis with a sound guide, will reveal very accurately how your production will turn out in the end.

Whether you need to explain the concept of your production to your client, communicate the idea to your camera person or just to nail the best composition during shooting – storyboarding can save you tons of headaches & let you stay within the budget limits.

In this webinar, you will learn how to storyboard, how to use some of the tools you already have at your disposal (such as Photoshop, Celtx, Google Sketchup, etc.) for storyboarding and why it’s important to do so regardless of the kind of production you are working on (feature film, short, animation, how-to video, corporate marketing video, etc.)

  • What is an effective storyboard and how to design a good frame composition.
  • Creating a storyboard frame without drawing a single line.
  • We are not 2D! Moving in 3D space: Floor plans, props and light.
  • Creating the video before shooting it: Editing your storyboard on a timeline with the soundtrack.
  • What is the deliverable and how to use it.
  • Comparing the storyboard and pre-vis to the final results.
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