The $6,000 Layover: Rethinking Low Budget


Get an insight into low/no-budget filmmaking! Writer/director Joshua Caldwell discusses how he made his debut feature film Layover for only $6,000 and how filmmakers will need to rethink their role in the ever shifting paradigm of independent filmmaking.

***Catch the trailer for Layover at <a href=”″></a> and purchase it On-Demand starting October 13, 2014 at <a href=””></a>***

  • Modular Storytelling: Writing Low-Budget films without limits.
  • Beg, Borrow and Steal: Getting your Film Made at any Cost
  • YouTube Killed the Indie Filmmaking Star: What it Means to be an Indie Filmmaker
  • Look In The Mirror: The New Face of Indie Film Distribution
  • Removing the word Permission” from your Vocabulary: You are a Filmmaker”
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