The Modern Job of the VFX Editor


The role of the visual effects department in modern tv and film has grown to be equal to and often larger than more traditional departments like color and sound. With this much growth there is naturally more work for someone in editorial to do (as if we didn’t have enough already!). This is where the role of the visual effects editor comes in. They organize, track, and communicate information between editorial and the VFX department for what can often be hundreds of shots.

No longer only for big action movies, nowadays every show needs visual effects. Even shows which do not consider themselves visual effects intensive still need someone to handle the dozens of “fix it” or “make it look real” shots that inevitably pop up.

Tracking dozens or hundreds of shots is full time, skill based work and it takes experience to know how best to handle the load.

This webinar is intended for assistant editors, students, VFX artists, and anyone else who is interested in the process of moving shots into and out of the editing bay. A basic understanding of Avid Media Composer is helpful but not required.

  • How to track VFX shots.
  • Turning over VFX from the Avid to a VFX company.
  • Handling multiple versions of VFX.
  • The politics of multiple venders, budgets, and approvals.
  • How to track details and communicate information well.
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