Unleash the New Drummer Inside Logic Pro X


The new Logic Pro X comes with many upgrades and one of the most interesting is the new Drummer feature. Drummer is a contactually-aware rhythm engine, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before in drum programming.

For over 25 years, our presenter Bruce Nazarian “The Digital Guy” has been one of the foremost practitioners of sophisticated and realistic drum programming on a variety of instruments, including the Linn Drum, Linn 9000, and the Synclavier.

Over the course of this informative webinar, he will teach you some of his tricks and show you how to make your drum tracks come alive in Logic Pro X!

  • Understanding Song or composition structure.
  • Create a drum game plan.”
  • Drums Sounds and Mixing.
  • Basic grooves and variations.
  • To fill or NOT to fill – THAT is the question.
  • HOW you fill is just as important as WHEN


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