The Modern Job of the Assistant Editor


This webinar is intended for the budding assistant editor. The perfect viewer is one who is somewhat knowledgeable about the technical aspects of Media Composer, but who is still new to the real world experience of assisting editing. A person does not need to be a great technician to be a great assistant editor, but they need to have an understanding of these expected skills and responsibilities.

We will cover both technical and political topics in the cutting room. All our example documents, bins, and projects will all be from real world, professional productions that I have been a part of.

Some basic knowledge of media composer will be assumed. We will assume that viewers knows basic Media Composer skills, such as creating Avid projects and media, grouping clips, and syncing sound.

  • Reading reports; camera reports, sound reports, and lined script notes.
  • Tracking down camera and sound problems and the approach to fixing them.
  • The politics of the cutting room. Who gets to see what.
  • Creating priorities. Creating and tracking your todo list.
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