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Learn about the techniques to edit and tricks to stay organized while editing

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How to FAKE Slow Motion with ANY camera!!

How to shoot slow motion, what frame rates are, how frame rates are used to achieve slow motion and how…

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How Does an Editor Think and Feel?

Tony Zhou describes the process of knowing when to cut. How does an editor think and feel?

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The Power of the Alt/Option Key in Premiere

In this quick tutorial, take a look at how to use the alt/option key to take your editing skills to…

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5 Ways to use Markers in Premiere Pro

Markers are a great way to quickly organize your editing projects. Here’s 5 lesser-known simple ways to use markers in…

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10 Great Edits in Film that Inspire

These are 10 of the most important edits that have inspired me. It’s not an all-time list. When I say…