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New Edit & Cut Pages | Resolve 17

In this tutorial, we look at the changes to the Cut & Edit Pages in Resolve 17. We start with…

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Video Collage | Davinci Resolve 17 FX Transform

Video Collage (Resolve FX Transform) is a Resolve FX that you apply on the Cut or ¬†Edit Page. It allows…

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A Filmmaker’s Guide to After Effects 3D

Description: In this webinar you will learn to create visually compelling graphics in After Effects. You can fake or exaggerate…

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Working with Effects in Premiere Pro

The release of Premiere Pro 2014 brings many helpful new features for working with effects. Learn to use these new…

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Stabilization and Tracking in After Effects

A common request for Editors is to stabilize footage (remove shake) or to track footage ( track the movement of…

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After Effects Basics For Editors

Every filmmaker should have a working knowledge of motion graphics in his or her back pocket to reference when the…

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Adobe Tapeless Workflow for FCP Editors Using Prelude & Premiere Pro

In this Webinar we will look at how to combine Prelude & Premiere Pro CC into our professional workflow. First…

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Creative Cloud Workflow For Editors

If you’re a video pro looking to harness the power of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, this webinar is for you. In…

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Clay Asbury


About Me

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Clay Asbury is an Adobe Certified Instructor for Premiere Pro and After Effects. He balances post production training with his own freelance videography/editing. Clay has been working in education and post production for over 16 years. He started with Avid Media Composer and Media 100 in the 90's, and now works in Premiere Pro & FCP X.
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