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Melissa Tracy

About Me

Melissa Tracy is an actress, action actress, writer, director, producer, fight/stunt coordinator and stand up comedian. She currently runs a production company, putting a variety of action related commercial films together, teaming up with other production companies, and Academy and Emmy award winning partners to make things happen. Melissa just finished 2nd unit directing and co-producing action martial arts film, Jade Trader, featuring David Carradine's children, 2nd Unit directing/sword/stunt coordinating on a music video, "Al Fine" and directing an action comedy feature film, Vampie. In front of the camera, Melissa has worked as a stunt performer on Katy Perry¹s music videos and acted in a martial arts comedy, "Kung, Food Fight." Melissa has been an action actor/stunt professional/producer for 7 years, a director for 4 years and in the entertainment industry as an actress/performer for over 20 years. Melissa is currently training in Ninjitsu, has a background in Savate, Kali, boxing, bladed weapons and 30 years of dance background. Melissa has a BA degree from California State University, Fullerton.
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