Adobe Premiere Pro and the Pancake Timeline


It’s the stuff of legend around the Internet and it’s a special technique that none of the competing NLEs can do: The Pancake Timeline. While it seems simple in concept, just dragging clips from one timeline to another, the Pancake Timeline is a much more complex beast. In fact, dragging from one timeline to the other is the Pancake Timeline’s least impressive use case.

In this webinar we will take a dive deep into what has become one of Premiere’s signature (and possibly unintended) features: The Pancake Timeline. We’ll discover what it is, the many ways you can use it, the Pancake Timeline as it relates to the Media Browser and the incredibly useful but little known Open Source Timeline and how to make it even more powerful than just dragging from one sequence to another.

  • How to set up a Pancake edit
  • Pancaking with a selects sequence and how to efficiently use them
  • Using a Source Monitor timeline for Pancake editing
  • Strategies for speeding up your workflow with Pancake editing
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