Color Correcting Inside Final Cut Pro 7


Color correction is now an essential part of any edit. Whether you simply need to balance out colors between edits, or if you want to take a more creative angle and use color correction to help tell your story. Final Cut Pro has a wide range of tools and filters built in to help you fix problem footage or help craft your work. The challenge is figuring out which ones are most suitable for the job.

In this webinar you will learn how to set up your Final Cut Pro interface for efficient color correcting. You will learn a variety of video filters and effects and we’ll identify which are the key ones and which ones you should stay away from.

We will cover how to use the built in video scopes to maximize the potential of your video, color match a series of clips and stay within video safe levels. We will also explore some more unusual techniques for quickly solving problems with exposure and to give your video a high-class look. All of this without 3rd party tools or plug-ins. All of it inside your Final Cut Pro NLE!

  • Setting up the user interface for color correction.
  • Exploring the tool bench & video scopes.
  • Checking out Final Cut Pro’s color correction filters; Which ones to use. Which ones to lose.
  • When and where to best apply your video filters.
  • Matching different cameras & colors.
  • Stacking & nesting your way to color correcting success.
  • Limiting the effect to get the best results.
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