DSLR Filmmaking Color Grading Workflows


DSLRs like the Canon 7D have revolutionized the world of Digital Filmmaking. While more affordable and lighter than videocameras, DSLRs have a few drawbacks of their own. How do you shoot to maximise your color grading options in post? How do you deal with only having 8 bit color depth? What codec should you grade in and how do you convert to it?

In this webinar we will show you what to look out for when shooting during production, including lighting tips, picture profiles tips, etc. We’ll also reveal an efficient post-production workflow in Final Cut Pro and Apple Color that enables you to deal with the shortcomings of the media and explore how to best export using Apple Compressor.

  • Brief color theory in relation to DSLRs.
  • What are the issues with DSLRs when it comes to color grading.
  • How to shoot to get ideal footage to work with in post.
  • Importing footage into FCP. Converting to ProRes and why.
  • Short sidestep: How to get even more out of the footage (in After Effects).
  • Preparing for the grade. Getting rid of jitters, artifacts and skews.
  • Grading DSLR footage in FCP and Color.
  • Exporting with Compressor.
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