Getting Your Indie Film Into Film Festivals


So much effort, passion and love goes into making a film; There is nothing more disheartening then going through that herculean effort and then not getting it accepted into film festivals so that it can be seen by audiences. Besides making a great film, there are additional things you can do to greatly increase your odds of getting in.

In this webinar, you will learn how to avoid common mistakes when submitting your film and know what to do once you are given that short window of opportunity at the festival, with insider tips and visual examples that will help you make the most out of your film festival experience!

  • Increasing Your Odds of Getting Into Film Festivals.
  • What filmmakers do that makes their film less programmable.
  • How to choose the festivals right for your film.
  • Things I learned the hard way.
  • How to increase the odds of your film being selected.
  • What Festivals are Looking For.
  • How to get Your Film Noticed at the Film Festival.
  • How to publicize your film.
  • How to divide up your time at the film festival.
  • Award-winning filmmaker insider tips.
  • How to attract a large audience.
  • How to get the VIPs to attend your screening.
  • How to design an attention-grabbing postcard.
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