Drive Sanity For Media Professionals


You’re handling your media right, aren’t you? You’re making all the right choices when you’re capturing in the field. And in Post. And in Archival. Are you sure you’re maintaining the best practices every step along the way?

If you hesitated, even once over those questions, maybe you should be attending the webinar “Drive Sanity for the Media Professional.”

With today’s cameras shooting mostly file based footage, this webinar will cover from field/acquisition, editorial/post through archival steps. It’ll even help you decide how many copies of your media makes the most sense.

Jeff Greenberg (a Master Trainer for Adobe, Apple and Avid tools) will be doing the presentation, so you know it’ll be interesting and full of the information you need to be able to sleep at night.

  • Good field practices.
  • Types of appropriate storage for Field/Post/Archival.
  • Determining drive speed.
  • Smart Archiving.
  • Making the best choices for drive type, enclosure and setup.
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