Smoke 2013: Easier than it looks


You’ve heard about it. You might have downloaded it. You likely opened Smoke 2013 and decided it was designed by an alien on some space-drug. But, Smoke is a lot easier than you think and it is amazingly powerful.

You are already using Avid, Premiere or Final Cut and wondering about workflow — or, maybe you are looking to integrate 3D and high-quality finishing into your pipeline.

This webinar provides an overview of Smoke 2013 as an editing, compositing and finishing tool. I will show real world examples of an upcoming web series and demonstrate some of the features of Smoke 2013.

  • Overview of Smoke 2013.
  • Understanding Smoke as a Non-Linear Editor.
  • Using Smoke as part of the pipeline (AAF, etc).
  • Keying & Coloring.
  • Nodes.
  • Using many of the advanced features of Smoke.
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