DSLR Filmmaking Audio Techniques Production and Post


There is no question that video capable DSLR, or HD-DSLRs, revolutionized the world of Digital Filmmaking. However, shooting with them presents a new set of challenges, most importantly how to record high fidelity audio.

As photographers and filmmakers we tend to be very visually oriented, however audio is one of the most important components of any film, and our projects will not reach their full potential without a good quality audio track. Good audio can save not so great footage, but unfortunately, the best video footage can’t overcome a bad audio recording.

In this webinar, Juan Pons, wildlife photographer, filmmaker and founder of The Digital Photo Experience, will explain the challenges and limitations of audio for DSLR filmmaking in production and post and show you how to overcome them to produce the best audio you can.

  • Understanding the limitations of audio recording with HD-DSLRs
  • Recording audio on-camera
  • Recording audio externally
  • Recommended products
  • Syncing your audio with your footage
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