Editing Reality TV in Hollywood


In the ever-expanding world of reality TV, editors wield incredible creative power. They often are responsible for creating a scene’s or even an entire episode’s storyline from nothing but a rambling tangle of raw footage. In this sense, they are a show’s writers, distilling engaging drama from a murky pool of images and comments.

As reality TV invades every channel and time slot, the demand for editors who are comfortable with and conversant in the genre’s styles, formats, and requirements increases daily. Author Jeff Dawson will guide the audience through tips and techniques to getting into and maintaining a solid career in the realm of reality TV in Hollywood.


  • What is reality TV
  • Landing a job as a reality TV editor
  • Duties of a reality TV editor
  • Untangling raw footage
  • Storytelling in the edit bay
  • Career advancement through reality TV editing
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