Essential Gear for Interview Shooting


Many of us who produce video content are required to shoot a lot of interviews. This essential gear guide will help make your interview shoots stand out from the competition. Regardless of skill level, this class will highlight a range of tools that you may or may not be aware of that can help you create more beautiful images.

Get a break down of the various types of lenses, lights, stands, diffusion, power, filters, and more that can turn your next interview into your best one ever. Learn when you can get away with using less equipment and when you need to pull out all the stops.

At the end of the webinar, Barry will recommend a complete kit that you should own or rent for your next production. The goal is to ensure that you understand the different available tools and techniques to use them, as well as when you should buy or rent your gear.

  • Corporate Video Productions
  • TV/Film Production
  • Web Series
  • Docu-style
  • and more!
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