Fast Rotoscoping Techniques with Mocha Pro


Roto work is a core VFX skill and is used for many different types of shots, including rig removal, product replacement shots and even color grading. It is also often very time consuming to get it right.

In this webinar, Ben Brownlee will be using Mocha Pro to show how to generate complex mattes and mask shapes, accurately and quickly. This is a practical session, combining technical skills with creative problem-solving.

  • The importance of tracking data.
  • Track Once, Use Often.
  • Creating a standard, consistent layout for yourself and others.
  • Seamless shapes with joined layers.
  • Practical planes, how understanding co-planar movements can save time with complex objects.
  • Exporting mattes and masks, making the best choice.
  • 3D Camera solves with planar tracks.
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